About Us

System UVEX Ltd was established in 1987 in direct response to the Stafford General Hospital legionnaire’s outbreak of 1985. At the time the future of Evaporative type cooling Towers seemed in some doubt due to the apparent difficulties involved with safe operation.

From the beginning the objective was a low-chemical solution; an engineered answer to the problem of microbiological activity in cooling tower sumps. The early investigations showed that Ultra-violet radiation might be the best way of achieving this. Following trials and testing the first UVEX was installed near Gatwick airport in 1988.

During the last fifteen years the UVEX concept has been updated, the new 2020 UVEX-C-BRX model features advanced UV, PLC control and a finely tuned bromine back-up circuit. We believe the new UVEX constitutes the most effective Cooling Tower treatment available.

The advantages to installing a UVEX are numerous and we have comprehensive  field test results to demonstrate the effectivity of the UVEX concept.

We are now involved in all areas of water treatment and filtration including the supply of Lakos Separators, however our goals remain the same:

To alleviate the reliance on expensive and harmful chemicals to treat Cooling Towers / Condensers. To provide a – Twenty First Century – reliable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly alternative.