Lakos Separators

  • No bags or filters, no moving parts, no replacement parts
  • No wear – solids are removed through the centrifugal action on the liquid inside the separator
  • High aggregate removal of solids in water
  • Low pressure loss/no increase in pressure loss during operation
  • Large range of models and product lines
  • Available in carbon steel or stainless
  • Can be combined with nozzles to create ‘basin sweeping’ arrangements in Cooling Towers

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Lakos are renowned manufacturers of cyclonic separators and filtration equipment. Lakos have led the way in solids separation for over 40 years and although now world leaders in the field, continue to produce new and innovative products such as the high efficiency eHTX series.

There are many advantages to installing Lakos separators when compared to other filtration arrangements. For example there are no moving parts or replacement parts, there is no maintenance intervention required, water loss from the system is minimal and pressure loss is low. However the biggest advantage is that installing a Lakos will save you money by reducing the build-up of suspended solids in your system which can cause corrosion, fouling and an increase in biological contamination. By removing these factors, lower maintenance, increased chemical effectiveness, longer equipment life and increased efficiency will result.

System UVEX began distributing Lakos Separators in 2009 and we can provide a range of either individual separator types or separators built into systems. We can also assist in the choice of separator together with options for operational arrangement (such as purge set-up). We can thereby help guide you toward the best selection for your application.

Applications include: Cooling towers / Condensers, Closed Circuits, irrigation, drainage & grey water recovery, and Industrial processes.

Overview of the range

ILB/ ILS series – Ideally suited for small system applications, side-stream application and individual equipment protection. Flow range from 0.7 to 66 M3/hour.

HTH – For higher flow selections, advanced patented design, ideally suited to HVAC and basin sweeping applications. Low profile arrangement available to suit restricted space installations. Flow range from 65 to 2895 M3/hour.

HTX – Accessible version of HTH –rigid couplings allows fast and easy access to separator internals.

eHTX – The highest efficiency separator removes fine solids* (25 microns and larger) from HVAC open and closed loops. This reduces equipment operating costs, maintenance costs, and water use.

JPL/JPX – These separators are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. The LAKOS JPX and JPL models are great for spray nozzle or small orifice protection, heat exchangers, pits, sumps, basin, pre-filtration, and waste minimization.

The eJPX – is a higher efficiency version of the JPX Separator, able to remove up to 98% of 44 micron (325 mesh) and larger solids in a single pass (with 2.6 specific gravity). Ideal for industrial/commercial applications.

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