Other Products

DAB Boosters

The new integrated pump system by DAB for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications.

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Advanced unit for analytical process measuring in cooling towers, condensers and other applications. Read more

RO Units

Reverse Osmosis is a process applied to an input water, to remove a wide range of salts, in order to give an output water of high purity.
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Rainwater Harvesting

A method to collect rainwater, apply filtration, treat it with UV to attain and maintain potable quality and store the rainwater ready for reuse when required.
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Lakos Separators

System UVEX began distributing Lakos Separators in 2009 and can provide a range of either individual separators or separators built into existing systems.
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System UVEX also supply water softeners and have considerable experience in designing for commercial and industrial applications.
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