Rainwater Harvesting

  • Reduced consumption of water
  • Reduction of stormwater discharge
  • Less energy and carbon consumed in the treatment of water
  • A positive PR opportunity to demonstrate the environmental awareness
  • Helps to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Rainwater harvesting involves the collection of rainwater for reuse. In the majority of situations the rainwater is captured in roof guttering and directed via a down pipe to a rainwater collection tank. There has been widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting in European countries like Germany and Belgium. In the UK the domestic market has been developing with increasing sales of basic collection systems mainly used for garden irrigation.

The greatest opportunity to benefit from installing rainwater harvesting lies with the commercial and industrial sectors. Generally demand for potable and non-potable water is higher in these sectors and they possess the capability to harvest larger quantities of water because of the size of their premises.

The System UVEX rainwater harvesting system comprises a method to collect rainwater, apply filtration, treat it with UV to attain and maintain non-potable quality and store the rainwater ready for reuse when required. Rainwater harvesting provides a simple, cost effective solution for organisations that are keen to demonstrate their positive attitude towards the environment and a desire to conserve precious resources.

Key Benefits

  • Opportunity to save money on water bills, especially as the majority of non-domestic water users are metered
  • Rainwater is naturally ‘soft’ and is more suitable for certain industrial water applications, for example use in cooling systems
  • Rainwater is a source of high quality water and requires less treatment than other sources, particularly mains water
  • Availablility of government incentives in the form of tax allowances (Enhanced Capital Allowances ECA’s) on approved rainwater harvesting equipment
  • Cost effective system with short payback, low operating costs and energy usage
  • No impact on the environment