• Comprehensive range of commercial softeners
  • Interconnecting pipe-work included
  • Blend valve with DRV (optional)
  • 3 x test points (optional)
  • Installation works can be carried out
  • Servicing and maintenance available
  • Repairs to existing softeners
  • Salt supply

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Softener Supply: A wide range of Commercial softeners are available in various configurations. Flow rates range from 1 M3/hour to 80 M3/hour (standard models) and there is a choice of simplex or duplex (vessels). Various head types and metering are also available – we can in fact provide all necessary information to allow a suitable selection for the application.

Softener Installation: Installation and commissioning works on supplied softeners can be completed by System UVEX. For cooling tower and condenser applications the installation will include isolation valves, DRV branch for blending, and 3 off test points for site verification of softener performance.

Servicing and testing: The importance of softeners in commercial buildings is sometimes underestimated. In fact operationally the softener is arguably the essential piece of equipment, as it provides a primary processing of the mains water. If the softener fails, hard water will feed into vulnerable cooling and heating plant. In serious cases this can lead to pump failure, the blocking of heat exchangers and the impairment of condenser coils.

Repair and spares: An emergency repair service and spares parts can be supplied for most makes of softener. Please contact System UVEX for further details.

Salt supply: Softener salt, both granular and tablet can be supplied directly to site. Bags are available in two sizes 10 Kg or 25 kg usually in 1 tonne pallet quantities, although smaller amounts can also be delivered.

System UVEX can provide a full maintenance and testing service to help keep the softener operational and at peak performance. A full service report will be issued after each visit.