Cooling Towers and Condensers

System UVEX supply and install a wide range of cooling towers and condensers. Due to the high heat capacity of water, evaporative cooling is a highly energy efficient means of heat rejection. Our systems are available in various configurations from open circuit cooling towers to evaporative and hybrid towers. All systems are available in galvanised or stainless steel and we can provide systems that have a small physical footprint and low noise levels if needed. Please see below some of the systems that we offer.


The UVEX concept for treating the water in cooling towers is really quite simple: reduce chemical use to a minimum and allow the UV system to do all the work. The UVEX package features two independent circulation pumps, a sand filter, an advanced UV, minimum dose Brominator, conductivity (blown down) system and associated (PLC & MXD) controls.

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The UVEX-C is a very reliable filtration system for use in cooling towers and condensers. As with all UVEX products chemical use is reduced to a minimum by utilising an advanced UV system combined with a traditional sand filter.
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The UVEX LS is a reliable, competitively priced system for treating the water in cooling towers and condensers. There are various options available – from the basic LS-MP version to more complex LS-AP and LS-AP-C models. The UVEX LS consists of a frame mounted pump and cyclonic separator with controls.
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