• Economic System
  • Keeps Cooling Towers clean
  • Low energy costs
  • Various options – system can be ‘built’ with add-ons
  • Fully automatic (AP model)
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Volt free signals available for BMS

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The UVEX incorporates a cyclonic separator from Lakos, a company renowned for making some of the best separators available. The Separator will remove particles from the tower water to at least 44 micron with also significant removal of 20 micron and some removal of ≤10 micron particles. This constant filtration has real cost benefits in terms of the frequency and intensity of clean & chlorination works on the tower. The inclusion of the cyclonic separator is also beneficial in terms of maintenance as – unlike bag or sand filters – no intervention is required.

Low energy costs: The UVEX LS runs constantly but uses very little power. The UVEX LS200 for example draws (typically) around 4.5 A. The main pump is ultra-efficient, the Separator has low pressure loss.

Various options available: The UVEX LS can be customised with add-ons to create more sophisticated treatment packages. The base unit is the LS-MP (manual purge) but other arrangements can be specified including the ‘AP’ (Auto purge), the AP-C with conductivity monitoring (Via UVEX MXD73 controller) for blow down control; or the BRX (again via MXD73) for bromine dosing. Further options are available on request. In this way, competitively priced, fully compliant treatment packages can be procured.

Fully automatic: the UVEX LS-AP is fully automatic with a programmer to instigate regular purges of the separator collection chamber. The AP-C version ties the blown-down control in with the separator purge.

Data transmission signals available for BMS: There are volt free signals available (LS MP and AP versions) and 4-20mA signals available with units including the MXD73 controller. This means the building management team can remotely observe how the LS unit is performing.

Reliable and low maintenance: The new UVEX LS has been carefully designed to provide long term reliable operation. Other than standard preventative maintenance the LS-AP requires little intervention and there is no consumable part replacement required.