• Helps control efficiency of closed circuits
  • Several operational modes
  • Fully automatic
  • Powerful UV with programmable automatic wiper
  • Cyclonic separator with Recovery vessel
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Volt free signals available for BMS

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Advanced UV: The CWU features at its heart a powerful medium pressure lamp UV system. The UV is sized to penetrate the sometimes poorer transmission conditions found in closed circuit water. In addition, a programmable wiper maintains the quartz sleeve (within which the lamp is located) in a clean condition.

Filtration: The UVEX incorporates a Lakos cyclonic separator – designed to remove particulate debris from the closed circuit. The CWU arrangement has the advantage that any separated debris is purged to a filter bag in the recovery vessel. This means that there is no water loss from the circuit and also the circuit condition can be assessed over time by examining the condition of the bag.

Modes of operation: The UVEX CWU can be used in several modes of operation and the side-stream pump can be cycled on or off via a mode switch on the main panel fascia.

Quick Fill Mode: With closed circuits a potential problem can occur before the plant is even up and running in that microbes such as pseudomonas can be introduced via the mains during filling. To counter this the UVEX includes a quick fill mode. With the pump cycled off, but the UV operational water entering, the circuit must first pass through the UV chamber. For microbes this is an especially hostile environment and an effective barrier against mains contamination is the result.

Filter mode: Once the closed circuit is up and running the UVEX is switched to normal filter mode operation. The side-stream pump starts and a proportion of the circuit water is drawn into the side stream and is continuously treated by the CWU. With typical total volume turnover rates of around an hour, the CWU functions as an on-going control of circuit contamination.

Fill mode: Used in a similar way to the quick fill but in this case is employed during re-fills after partial circuit drain downs following maintenance works. Normal refills will take place via the pressure set which is connected to the circuit via the CWU. Again as water enters the circuit, the mode switch cycles the pump off, but keeps the UV running. Additionally, in fill mode the dosing set will operate via a water meter in the pressure set inlet (supplied by others) to inject the correct amount of inhibitor chemical back into the circuit with the refill water.

Maintenance: The CWU is low maintenance, periodic UV lamp replacement and filter changes are the consumable inputs required.

BMS Signals: The CWU includes various Volt-free signals for BMS monitoring. There is also an interlock signal for remote starting / stopping.

The versatility of the UVEX CWU will not only save money but will also help protect some of the most expensive plant in larger commercial buildings.