Cooling towers and condensers do more than just provide heat rejection. They also act as air scrubbers, pulling in particulate matter from the atmosphere and dumping it in the sump. Inevitably, this results in scale and chemical residue accumulating over time. It tends to collect in the water, and this can ultimately have an adverse effect on both performance and safety. On one hand, the fouling can reduce heat exchange efficiency, and on the other, it provides a breeding ground for microbiological growth.

The risk factors associated with microbiological growth in cooling towers have been well documented. Legionnaire’s Disease has a fatality rate of one in ten, rising to one in four when it occurs at a healthcare facility. System UVEX came into existence as a direct reaction to the outbreak at Stafford General Hospital in 1985. As well as the potentially devastating impact on human life, Legionella outbreaks also attract the worst kind of publicity and media attention. 


Preventing this sort of residue build-up is therefore absolutely vital, and this is where the System UVEX LS Side-Stream treatment unit comes into play. It was launched more than a decade ago to provide a cost-effective way of keeping cooling towers and condensers free from contaminants. 

The UVEX LS features a circulation pump and Lakos cyclonic separator. Water flows through the separator and the centrifugal action of the hydrocyclone causes those particles that are heavier than water to be thrown into the unit’s dirt bowl, and from there, they can be safely purged. This system removes all particles down to at least 44 micron, with significant removal to the 20 micron level. It represents one of the most effective maintenance-free filtration systems available.

Upgrades for 2021

The UVEX LS has delivered reliable service at numerous sites in both the UK and further afield since its launch in 2010. In order to remain at the forefront of cooling tower filtration, the range has received a series of upgrades. New features that now come as standard include the following: 

  • 24V DC control circuitry 
  • Programable Logic Controller (PLC) 
  • A new fail-safe IP67 purge valve
  • An expanded choice of configurations, including the option to include conductivity and flow monitoring. 

More versatile than ever

Over the 10+ years that it has been in service, the UVEX LS has predominantly been called upon for use in open circuit systems. However, side stream filtration can also be applied to closed loops. In fact, the UVEX LS has proven itself to be highly effective in applications that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cooling towers (open or closed circuit)
  • Evaporative condensers (water side)
  • Chilled circuits
  • Low temperature hot water (LTHW) circuits
  • Condenser circuits
  • Heat Pump circuits

The UVEX LS will help protect from blockages and damage, and so maintain efficient operation of your system. The latest upgrades will help ensure it remains the solution of choice throughout the 2020s and beyond.