From Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 to present day buses in London, “going electric” always causes plenty of debate, and sometimes controversy. But just like Bob’s electric guitar, electric vehicles are now garnering mainstream acceptance, and will soon become the norm. 

Modern EVs are a far cry from the early prototypes, with their poor performance and short ranges. Like so many automotive developments, such as active suspension and steering wheel buttons, many of the advances that we see in todays EVs have been built upon the hybrid technology pioneered in F1.

System Uvex has been in the thick of the action, working with a well-known British manufacturer that is looking to make the change from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric motors in its high-performance sports cars.

The biggest revolution in automotive history

The car industry has seen plenty of change since Carl Benz patented his first motorized vehicle in 1886. But the switch from ICE to electric is arguably the biggest single step change. And it is happening right before our eyes. 

In 2023, 28 percent of new car sales were either electric or plug-in hybrids, and the number of EVs on Britain’s roads grew by more than 40 percent over the previous year. In recent years, bespoke EV brands have led the way in demonstrating that EVs are not just for the daily commute or weekend shopping run. They can also be exhilarating performance vehicles for enthusiastic drivers who are more interested in acceleration and road holding than efficiency and sustainability.

Cleaner technologies at every stage

Creating a new era of cleaner, more sustainable motoring is about more than replacing ICE technology with electric motors. We have all seen the memes of charging points powered by diesel generators, and there is the question of ethical and sustainable mining practices for battery materials like Lithium. 

Then there are systems within manufacturing plants to consider, and this is where System Uvex comes in. The shift from ICE to electric will mean plenty of changes in the car factory we visited, including the commissioning of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and softener equipment. This serves various different processes within the factory. 

RO servicing is a relatively new addition to the System Uvex portfolio of services. Our UV technology provides a means of purification for cooling water that prevents bacterial colonies from forming but does not use the harmful, not to mention expensive, chemicals used in traditional systems. 

Working towards a more sustainable future

Every day, the global drive towards reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability in manufacturing processes is mentioned in the headlines. The shift from ICEs to EVs is an important part of that process, but it is one that has plenty of dimensions.

At System Uvex, our commitment to reducing the reliance on dangerous, expensive chemicals to treat cooling tower water in the shape of the UVEX unit remains undimmed. We are also proud to be involved in any project where the emphasis is on progression towards a cleaner more sustainable future.