Water safety is something that can’t be left to chance. Building Managers must be able to demonstrate compliance with a growing list of standards, regulations and codes of practice. These include HSG274, ACoP L8 and now, BS 8680:2020, too. The consequences of non-compliance are significant, both in terms or health risks and the potential for financial penalties. 

The good news is that with System Uvex, maintaining ongoing compliance, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year comes as standard. One of the major advantages that this type of treatment system has is that it requires so little maintenance. 

Easy monitoring for ongoing compliance

Businesses usually choose System Uvex for a combination of reasons. It is more eco-friendly, there is no need to train personnel in handling dangerous chemicals and it is easier to monitor, for example. There is also far less that can go wrong. 

That’s not to say UV water purification is entirely “set it and forget it.” The system still needs to be monitored and it will need periodic maintenance and repair during its lifetime. When it does, the team at System Uvex is always on hand to provide whatever is needed. 

Maintenance and repair services from System Uvex

As a company, System Uvex takes pride in being big enough to cope, but small enough to care. No two customers are the same and everyone has their own requirements. Some require ongoing monitoring and maintenance support on a contract basis, while others simply phone for a call-out when needed. 

UV water purification is incredibly low maintenance compared with other systems. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. When the system is working permanently, there are components that will need to be repaired or replaced periodically to ensure the water in your building remains compliant. These depend on the type of system you use, but system repair jobs might include supply and replacement of the UV lamp or of the quartz sleeve, for example.

Our skilled team will provide a full technical report, including photographs, to ensure everyone is absolutely clear about the maintenance and repair work that is undertaken.

Additional products and services 

At System Uvex, we also provide a range of other products and services:

  • Softeners – the importance of water softeners to a building’s overall water system cannot be overstated. If a softener fails, hard water will feed into vulnerable systems like pumps, condensers and heat exchangers with potentially catastrophic consequences.
  • Reverse Osmosis Units – RO is a method of water purification that is highly efficient, reliable and safe, while requiring minimal maintenance. It is commonly used in emergency and military settings, where getting quick access to purified water cannot be left to chance.

System Uvex can provide and install a range of softeners and RO units, as well as filters and associated products. We also have the experts on hand to provide consultancy, maintenance and repair whenever you need it. Please get in touch for an informal chat.