A wide variety of businesses working in industrial and commercial settings require the use of cooling systems. These can range from simple condensers in office blocks to giant cooling towers in power generation and manufacturing. There’s one thing they all have in common, however, and that is an obligation to ensure comprehensive water management for cooling towers/condensers/evaporative condensers. There are a range of factors that need to be considered.

Changing perspectives

Treating cooling water is often seen as a simple process of chemical dosing. It might seem straightforward, but it is labour-intensive in terms of the time that is spent performing the dosing, monitoring levels and delivering training. It is also costly, in both financial and environmental terms. 

We are now in the 2020s, but when it comes to water treatment, many companies are still embracing practices and attitudes that go back to the 1970s. Yet there are chemical-free cooling tower and condenser water treatment methods available, and Uvex is at the forefront of providing them.

UV Water treatment

UV water purification has received plenty of media attention as a method for providing drinking water. However, that is only one application for the technology. Businesses need to find non-chemical water treatment solutions in order to reduce costs and live up to environmental commitments. The UV based water treatment technology offered by Uvex ticks all the boxes.

This programmable, computer-controlled water treatment unit uses a combination of sand filtration and UV treatment. It comes with a secondary backup as standard, and can be adjusted and optimised in accordance with local conditions. 

What are the benefits?

Cost and environmental impact are the primary reasons businesses seek to adopt alternative water management and treatment for cooling towers and condensers. However, the benefits run a great deal deeper, particularly when you consider the full implications of adopting non-chemical water treatment that is fully automated:

  • Reduced risk to personnel through handling chemicals
  • Reduced COSHH training obligations and associated time and cost savings 
  • Simplified processes meaning less likelihood of mistakes / purification problems
  • Reduced need to make time consuming and potentially hazardous trips to the tower
  • Reduction or elimination of chemical discharge into drains
  • Reduced chemical load on the cooling tower fabric
  • Better monitoring and management
  • Proven reliability

Add these to the fundamental financial and ecological benefits of low energy water management/treatment and it becomes clear to see why this kind of technology is sweeping through so many industries with such rapidity. 

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Enhancing reputation

Today, every business needs to take sustainability and environmental responsibility seriously. As well as having a moral / ethical duty to “do what’s right,” it is also a no-brainer for hard-nosed business reasons.

Failing to protect the environment can prove to be expensive in terms of regulatory penalties. But even these pale into insignificance when compared with the financial impact of damaged reputation. Today’s consumers expect businesses to be responsible and wear their green credentials on their sleeves. Environmentally friendly cooling tower and condenser water treatment is an important step towards that goal.